Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tutu fabulous.

Tutu’s are described by the Urban Dictionary as a “frilly looking skirt, made of tulle and worn by ballerinas and cool people”. I don’t know how ‘cool’ they really are, but lets face it they are fun to wear, for any age..

Rainbow Tutu
This particular tutu is made by knotting the netting around the elastic waistband, a technique widely broadcast on You Tube. In most of the videos the tulle strips are made from tulle ribbon. In the UK this is not as widely available in the local fabric shop, but if you want to find some try a florists wholesaler instead.

TOP TIP: Wash the netting first and it softens a little, but DO NOT Iron it .. 

First make the waistband.
Measure the waist and add 2.5cms. Overlap the elastic by the 2.5cm and sew in place using an elastic stitch or by hand.

Cut the strips of net.
To work out how long to cut each strip of net you need to work out the length of the skirt and times by 2. Add a further 4 cm for the knot that goes round the elastic.  Now cut enough strips for 3 knots per inch, give or take. In the picture I used two strips together, so I would calculate for 6 strips per inch.  This is a little hit and miss, although if you by a bit extra its not the end of the world really?

Next knot the strips around the elastic. The video shows how to do this best.

This skirt would also look great in organza.  So get making and let us all see!! 

A few other tutu's to inspire you, notice the big smiles.

My fabulous godmother in her brilliant tutu!!

Our 'Hen' in her fetching tutu and veil...